The project coordinators will pre-screen applications for accordance with the eligibility conditions outlined below and will invite all eligible research teams (RTs) to submit a proposal for an experimental research design.

After successful application, all eligible RTs are invited to submit a proposal. Up to 50 RTs are then randomly selected to be part of #ManyDesigns and to complete the programming and implementation of the experiment, to provide the raw data after data collection has been completed, as well as to assess other design proposals. Data analysis and writing of the paper is done by the project coordinators. Learn more about the project outline and about the tasks for RTs.


To be eligible for taking part this project, research teams (RTs) have to follow the following eligibility conditions:

  • maximum of two people per RT
  • at least one team member needs a PhD in Economics, Psychology or a related field
  • at least one team member needs one experimental study that is either published (accepted for publication) or a working paper
  • RTs have to briefly justify why they consider themselves eligible for the study
  • each researcher can only be a member of one RT
Borderline criteria will be voted on by the project coordinators (majority rule).


In case you have any questions, please contact the project coordinators via