template for pre-registration

After having signed-up, all eligible RTs are able to submit a pre-registration outlining their experimental design proposals using the following pre-registration template. Eligible RTs have received a link to the submission form when their registration was successfully confirmed.

Research Team (one or two researchers)
Member 1 name
Member 1 university/affiliation
Member 2 name
Member 2 university/affiliation
Research design and analysis
Detailed description of the design including the control treatment and the treatment variable / variation (competition treatment)
Detailed description of the outcome variable to measure moral behavior
Exact empirical specification to test for a possible competition effect on moral behavior
Please specify any exclusion criteria of your analysis sample (if you use the full sample then enter "FULL SAMPLE")
Estimated length of the experiment (max. 15 minutes)
Please specify your incentive structure
Expected bonus payment per subject (on top of GBP 1.30 show-up fee); must not exceed GBP 1.70
Experimental software you plan to use
Please indicate in 3-5 sentences whether and why the conditions for the shortcut IRB (see below) apply to your experiment.

IRB shortcut procedure at the University of Innsbruck

The IRB shortcut procedure at the University of Innsbruck applies to ‘standard laboratory experiments’, which are defined as follows:

  • No deception involved
  • Voluntary participation
  • No physical risks
  • No measurements of physical state (e.g., saliva samples, blood samples)
  • Clear information for subjects regarding duration, repetition, interactions and what is common information to subjects
  • Random procedures are clearly explained to participants
  • Anonymity regarding who is interacting with whom during the experiment
  • Paying at least the opportunity cost of time, and avoid negative payments (losses)
  • Confidentiality of payments
  • Anonymous experimental data kept separate from non-anonymous payments data